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Hope you are having a lovely Monday! Just wanted to let you know that I’m having a little giveaway on my Instagram @crochetedbytess this week. Follow the link above to check it out. 💋


Mandala Madness

So ok I just had to start another mandala project. 🙈 And this time I fell for the Mandala Madness CAL from 2016. Yes I know, I’m such a sucker for CAL:s. But they are almost always so much fun, well worked and absolutely stunning. 

Trying to contrast my oh so colorful Atlanticus this will be challenging in the opposite way. I’ve chosen to only use three colors. A raspberry red, a vintage rose and a crispy white.

As gorgeous as it is in its full size I’ll probably settle for making it in a “baby blanket-version”. I already have several large blankets in the making and I would love to finish it sometime this year. 😅

Quick facts


Free by Crystal and Crochet – Click here


Drops Belle in the shades White (01), Mauve (16) and Cherry (12).


Clover Amour 3,5mm.

The Midsummer Seven –  Sisters in Stitch

It’s such a great feeling to find that person that you love to work with. Someone to share your dreams and hopes, your love of creating and especially crocheting. Kay is that someone for me, and together we have created Sisters In Stitch – a collaboration and partnership of all the creative things we love.

Our first collaboration is called The Midsummer Seven; the sweetest floral wreath consisting of seven precious flowers. We hope it will make your summerdays and festiveties a little extra magical.

And with no further due – our free pattern: The Midsummer Seven by Sisters in Stitch.

Wishing you happy crocheting and a lovely Midsummer! 💕



The Spring Lane CAL – An update

A few more weeks has passed and unfortunately there were only small squares left in the CAL. And even though they are turning out beautiful I really can’t finish my blanket in that way. I don’t find it fun anymore and for that reason I changed my mind. 

Now it’s going to be a mix between the two CALS: Spring Lane and Nuts About Squares! Have done a few squares from the second and they are turning out great, a perfect match. I’m so in love with this blanket again! 😄

Love these colors together! 

Let the mandala madness continue 

Firstly, I’m totally hooked on the Atlanticus with all its challenging and stunning overlays. As I said in my last post; I choosed a yarn I happened to have, in 7 different colors, at home: Drops loves you 7. It’s a cotton yarn that worked perfectly for this mandala. I placed the colors by heart and hoped for the best, and I’m so pleased with how they turned out. The next part is released on Monday and I can’t wait! 
My morning beginning by breakfast…

…and a few hours later:

I love it!!! 😍

The next mandala inspired pattern I’m working on is different clues from the Nuts About Squares CAL. It’s gonna be several amazing squares that I will use as a compliment to my blanket from Drops CAL Spring Lane. In the beginning the Drops CAL was filled with the most stunning larger squares. But after some weeks the small, and very tedious, squares came along. They were bulky and unfortunately I did not like them at all. So after making about 60 of them I stopped. And now this is my plan B, to add more squares from different patterns. It could be great. Cross my fingers and hopes for the best!

And here you have three of them. The beginning of the 7th clue of Nuts About Squares, the Atlanticus and my own. 😄

The Atlanticus cal 

I fell head over heals in love with this gorgeous pattern by Hooked on Sunshine called the Atlanticus. It’s a CAL that started this week and is ongoing for the next 14 weeks, a new part is released every Monday. The pattern can be found by following this link

After posting this pic above on both Facebook and my Instagram; I got so much love and questions from so many people regarding my choice of yarn and colors. So therefore I decided to post all info here for anyone to use.

The yarn is simply what I had many of at home: Drops loves you 7. Unfortunately, I’ve tossed the paper ribbons around them but I believe I’ve figured them out anyway, see the list below. 😇

Color scheme

A = White (01)

B = Old pink (13)

C = Light blue (06)

D = Light pink (14)

E = Vanilla (08)

F = Pink (15)

G = Light turquoise (19)

H = Lilac (12)

Enjoy! 😄

A floral mandala

Today I started on a “mom friendly” project. By this I mean something to crochet and experiment with but at the same time let’s me keep my eyes on little E as she runs around outside exploring everything in her way. Right now the fascinations are ants, bugs, sand and water.. For E I mean, not me. I take learning new stitches over ants any day of the week. 😘

Yarn: Drops love you 7

Hook: Clover Amour 3.5 mm

Mamma Maritas tomatbröd

This post is about my mothers delicious tomatoe-bread. It’s so far only in Swedish. If you would like I can try to translate it. Please let me know if so and I’ll get right on it! 😇

Fick många förfrågningar om receptet på brödet via instagram igår. Min mamma bakar alltid detta under somrarna vilket gör det lite extra speciellt för mig. Många minnen och mycket kärlek..

Det är ett underbart fluffigt “lantbröd” med krispig utsida och saftig insida, vars sälta och sötma kommer från soltorkade tomater. 

Mamma Maritas tomatbröd.

1 pkt jäst, 14 dl vetemjöl, 5 dl fingervarmt vatten, 3 tsk salt, 1 liten burk soltorkade tomater i olja. 

Gör såhär: 
“Grov-strimla” tomaterna.

Blanda sen allt kort och gott i en bunke (du kan med fördel hälla med lite av tomaternas olja i degen)! 

Låt jäsa i 40 min. 

Baka ut två runda bröd.

Jäs i 30 min till.

Skär skåror i brödets ovansida.

Baka i mitten av ugnen på 200 grader i ca 30-40 min. 

Lägg på galler, utan duk, och låt svalna.

Tips! Skär lite oliver, ringla i lite olivolja och smula havssalt i degen för en extra grekisk känsla. Du kan självfallet även byta ut delar av vetemjölet mot exemplevis grahamsmjöl för att få det än mer mätta de och matigt! 😄