My Spicy Ripple – CAL

A while back I got the questions if I would like to test the pattern for Favoritgarners latest CAL, and of course I said yes! The designer is none the less than the colorful and creative My from who has created a gorgeous blanket for us to crochet. 

It comes in two sizes: a larger afghan (115x150cm) and a smaller blanket (70x100cm). You can choose between 14 (!) amazingly spicy yarn-packages from Scheepjes, or compose one with your own favorite colors. Nina at Favoritgarner can definitely help you out. Just send her a message at their support. They ship worldwide!

I’m doing the smaller version as a bead spread for my daughter. I choosed the gorgeous combinations of grey and pink, called the Spicy Marbel. The colors are so soft and subtle, works perfect with my favorite northern color scheme. 

The CAL started yesterday but it’s definitely  not to late to join in! As it’s a mystery CAL a new part is released once a week, and the pattern will also be available after it has ended. Just follow this link to their facebook for more info. You can get the pattern and support in both English and Swedish. I hope you will check it out! You won’t regret it. 😘

The making of a solid granny square

Lately I have been working on a new little project, the one seen in the previous post; involving solid granny squares. I’m hooked. They are quick to make and turns out gorgeous. I chose this kind of square because I wanted them to be a bit more airy than the completely solid ones. I’m also doing mine in linen which gives them a great sturdiness for their purposes. 

I will share more about the project later on but for now I thought it could be fun to see them grow and also provide you with the link to their pattern which you can find here

Yarn: Sandnes Line

Hook: Clover Amour, 3.5mm 

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for more pics and updates! 

Spring is in the air..

..and the trees begins to bloom. Love this time of the year, even though the weather surely isn’t to be trusted. Earlier this morning it was snowing heavily and the wind blew harshly at our windows. Freezing! Thankfully the sun came back again around lunch and reminded us that it’s in fact May rather than December.. 🙄

While the snow was falling outside I actually managed to finish the last 4 of the 17 gorgeous squares! So in an hour when little E is sleeping for the night; I’ll finally get to begin the joining process. Whoho! 🙌🏻 😄💗

A lovely little flower for my books.. 

So this weekend started off great. The sun is shining, the sky is gently blue and flowers keeps popping up. Wonderful! 

As a bonus, little E decided that she needed a morning nap and I quickly took my chance. Brewed some tea, made something to snack on and crocheted a bookmark for those lazy summer days that is still to come. Wish you all a great weekend! ☀️

Yarn: Sandnes Line numbers 3511, 8041, 1002, 7521. 

Hook: Clover Amour, 3.0mm.

Free pattern – Foxy the Fox

Hi guys, I’m having some problems with my account so the pattern may look a bit rough at the moment, don’t worry it’s only cosmetic things..  I’ll fix it later tonight but now I’ve got to take a walk in this beautiful sunshine with my family! Happy Friday. 

All my love,


Foxy the fox! 

You will need:

A ball of orange yarn

A small amount of black and white yarn

A pair of safety eyes

A small amount of stuffing

For this little guy seen in the pictures I used Sandnes – Line (yarn), a 3.0 mm and a 2,5 mm hook, and 6 mm safety eyes.


ch = chain

mc = magic circle

sc = stitch

inc = increase, make two stitches in one stitch

dec = decrease, make two stitches into one stitch

fo = finish off

The magic circle, a quick how to:

Hold the end of the yarn and wrap it around your finger twice. The end should be at your right. Put your hook under the first thread and over the second; hook yarn and pull through to make a loop. Yarn over and pull through the loop, pull lightly to secure. Crochet the given stitches, then gently slide the end of the yarn (from the beginning) out of the circle and pull to tighten! 

Body and head (orange, hook 3.0):

1. 6 sc in a mc (6)

2. inc, repeat around (12)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (18)

4. 2 sc, inc, repeat around (24)

5. 3 sc, inc, repeat around (30)

6-10. sc, repeat around (30)

11. 3 sc, dec, repeat around (24)

12. sc, repeat around (24)

13. 2 sc, dec, repeat around (18)

14-18. sc, repeat around (18)

Start to fill the body and place the eyes between row 15-16 with about 5 sc spacing.

19. sc, dec, repeat around (12)

Fill the body completely, it’s gonna be tight here on out!

20. dec, repeat around (6)

21. close with some stitches and fo

 Snout (orange, hook 2,5)

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. sc, inc, repeat around (6)

3. 2 sc, inc, repeat around (8)

4. sc, repeat around (8)

5. fo

Nose (black):

1. Take some thread (approximately 30 cm), fold over twice and tie a double knot.

2. With a needle: pull yarn through the snout and tie off inside.

If the end threads are a bit too clumpy for your needle; cut them open and thread on thereafter.

Sew on the snout between the eyes on the body.

 Tummy patch (white, hook 2.5):

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. inc, repeat around (8)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (12)

4. 2 sc, inc, inc, 4 sc, inc, inc, 2 sc, repeat around (16)

5. fo

Sew onto the body.

Ears, make two (orange and black, hook 3.0):

After every round: make a turning chain. This doesn’t count as a stitch. Turn!

1. ch 2 (2)

2. inc, repeat around (4)

3. inc, sc, sc, inc (6)

4. sc, repeat around (6)

5. dec, 2 sc, dec (4)

6. dec, dec (2)

7. attach the black yarn with a standing sc, followed by a sc. (2)

8. dec (1)

9. fo, use the thread to shape the tip off the ear.

 Inner ear, make two (white, hook 2.5):

1. ch 3 (3)

2. Start in the second sc from the hook: inc, inc, 5 sc in the same stitch, which makes you turn around the corner (9)

3. sc, sc (2)

4. At the top: do a picot. Ch 1 and slip stitch through the stitch below (2)

5. Sc down the side to the bottom (approximately 3-4 sc)

6. fo, and sew on the orange ears

7. Attach the finished ears on the head, a proximally 2 sc from the middle on each side.

Tail (white and orange, hook 2.5):

Start with white!

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. sc, repeat around (4)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (6)

4. 6 sc, repeat around (6)

Change to orange!

5. sc, inc, inc, repeat around (10)

6. sc, inc, inc, repeat three times, finish with sc (16)

7. sc, repeat around (16)

8. sc, repeat around (16)

9. sc, dec, repeat five times, finish with sc (11)

10. sc, dec, repeat three times, finish with sc (8)

11. sc, dec, sc, sc, dec, sc (6)

12. sc, repeat around (6)

13. fo and sew on the body in the middle, about rows 7-9.

Done! I hope you enjoyed making your little fox. 😄

This pattern is for personal use only. You are not allowed to publish or sell any part of this pattern. You may sell the foxes you make from this pattern on a small scale, but please give credits and link back to me. 😘

Foxy the fox 

Some times you just need a palette cleanser so here came Foxy, a little fox with as big heart as her ears.

I usually only follow patterns while crocheting amigurumi but I just got the feeling yesterday and it was so much fun making my own from scratch. And I must say that she was rather quick compared to all my other projects. Would you like to make your own little fox? Well then you are in luck my as I have three pattern testers currently double checking it for me. 😉

Spring Lane CAL with Drops – A progress update 

The Drops-along Spring Lane CAL (Crochet ALong) 2017 is this time a beautiful blanket that are crocheted during 13 weeks. 

We are now upon week 9 and after being hammered with tiny little flowers for some weeks now it’s finally time for two big ones again. Don’t get me wrong, the small ones are super cute and all but if anyone sais that it’s going to be yet another 28 little mini-squares next week, I will surely scream. 😉 

I still have a few pieces left from week 7 and 8 but I’m working hard to be back on track again. It’s going to be a mama/papa/baby blanket for two of my nearest and dearest friends that are expecting their precious little baby before summer. I hope they will love it!

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend with lots of good food, candy and loved ones around you. This actually describes our latest three days. Intense but amazing and filled with hugs and precious moments. 

On Friday we went to my father and celebrated with his part of my family. A lot of salmon, shrimps, eggs and herrings. And my sisters amazing cheesecake. Yum! 

Yesterday it was time for egg hunt and another food frenzy but this time at my mother in law and on the theme lamb. Lots of fun, laughter and good talks. I also finished crocheting my daughters Easter bunny that you can read about here. Was an adorable project to work on and I’m so happy that she loved her gift. 

And lastly, today we are visiting my mothers. And again we got a lot of good food: herrings, chicken and local eggs from the hens next door. But however gorgeous the tiny eggs are; the best was saved to last. My brother brought then different kinds of desserts from his work and needless to say; we are stuffed. Finished another pair of my beloved wrist warmers but now I’ll give my hooks a break. It’s time to get serious and play some games. 

Wish you a great evening, tomorrow it’s “Sunday” again. 😄

The cutest little bunny

I’ve been working on this little project on and off for some time now, and as Easter came up closer it felt like it was the perfect time to finish this lovely lady. She was so much fun to do and turned out super cute. 

The pattern is by the talented Kikalite and is easy to follow with great pics and clear instructions. I made a change by choosing to add a removable floral wreath instead of sewing the flowers right on. This way she can have more options for my daughter to play with. And needless to say; she loved her Easter gift!