Mandala Madness

So ok I just had to start another mandala project. 🙈 And this time I fell for the Mandala Madness CAL from 2016. Yes I know, I’m such a sucker for CAL:s. But they are almost always so much fun, well worked and absolutely stunning. 

Trying to contrast my oh so colorful Atlanticus this will be challenging in the opposite way. I’ve chosen to only use three colors. A raspberry red, a vintage rose and a crispy white.

As gorgeous as it is in its full size I’ll probably settle for making it in a “baby blanket-version”. I already have several large blankets in the making and I would love to finish it sometime this year. 😅

Quick facts


Free by Crystal and Crochet – Click here


Drops Belle in the shades White (01), Mauve (16) and Cherry (12).


Clover Amour 3,5mm.

Let the mandala madness continue 

Firstly, I’m totally hooked on the Atlanticus with all its challenging and stunning overlays. As I said in my last post; I choosed a yarn I happened to have, in 7 different colors, at home: Drops loves you 7. It’s a cotton yarn that worked perfectly for this mandala. I placed the colors by heart and hoped for the best, and I’m so pleased with how they turned out. The next part is released on Monday and I can’t wait! 
My morning beginning by breakfast…

…and a few hours later:

I love it!!! 😍

The next mandala inspired pattern I’m working on is different clues from the Nuts About Squares CAL. It’s gonna be several amazing squares that I will use as a compliment to my blanket from Drops CAL Spring Lane. In the beginning the Drops CAL was filled with the most stunning larger squares. But after some weeks the small, and very tedious, squares came along. They were bulky and unfortunately I did not like them at all. So after making about 60 of them I stopped. And now this is my plan B, to add more squares from different patterns. It could be great. Cross my fingers and hopes for the best!

And here you have three of them. The beginning of the 7th clue of Nuts About Squares, the Atlanticus and my own. 😄

The Atlanticus cal 

I fell head over heals in love with this gorgeous pattern by Hooked on Sunshine called the Atlanticus. It’s a CAL that started this week and is ongoing for the next 14 weeks, a new part is released every Monday. The pattern can be found by following this link

After posting this pic above on both Facebook and my Instagram; I got so much love and questions from so many people regarding my choice of yarn and colors. So therefore I decided to post all info here for anyone to use.

The yarn is simply what I had many of at home: Drops loves you 7. Unfortunately, I’ve tossed the paper ribbons around them but I believe I’ve figured them out anyway, see the list below. 😇

Color scheme

A = White (01)

B = Old pink (13)

C = Light blue (06)

D = Light pink (14)

E = Vanilla (08)

F = Pink (15)

G = Light turquoise (19)

H = Lilac (12)

Enjoy! 😄

My Spicy Ripple – CAL

A while back I got the questions if I would like to test the pattern for Favoritgarners latest CAL, and of course I said yes! The designer is none the less than the colorful and creative My from who has created a gorgeous blanket for us to crochet. 

It comes in two sizes: a larger afghan (115x150cm) and a smaller blanket (70x100cm). You can choose between 14 (!) amazingly spicy yarn-packages from Scheepjes, or compose one with your own favorite colors. Nina at Favoritgarner can definitely help you out. Just send her a message at their support. They ship worldwide!

I’m doing the smaller version as a bead spread for my daughter. I choosed the gorgeous combinations of grey and pink, called the Spicy Marbel. The colors are so soft and subtle, works perfect with my favorite northern color scheme. 

The CAL started yesterday but it’s definitely  not to late to join in! As it’s a mystery CAL a new part is released once a week, and the pattern will also be available after it has ended. Just follow this link to their facebook for more info. You can get the pattern and support in both English and Swedish. I hope you will check it out! You won’t regret it. 😘

The making of a solid granny square

Lately I have been working on a new little project, the one seen in the previous post; involving solid granny squares. I’m hooked. They are quick to make and turns out gorgeous. I chose this kind of square because I wanted them to be a bit more airy than the completely solid ones. I’m also doing mine in linen which gives them a great sturdiness for their purposes. 

I will share more about the project later on but for now I thought it could be fun to see them grow and also provide you with the link to their pattern which you can find here

Yarn: Sandnes Line

Hook: Clover Amour, 3.5mm 

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for more pics and updates! 

Free pattern – Foxy the Fox

Hi guys, I’m having some problems with my account so the pattern may look a bit rough at the moment, don’t worry it’s only cosmetic things..  I’ll fix it later tonight but now I’ve got to take a walk in this beautiful sunshine with my family! Happy Friday. 

All my love,


Foxy the fox! 

You will need:

A ball of orange yarn

A small amount of black and white yarn

A pair of safety eyes

A small amount of stuffing

For this little guy seen in the pictures I used Sandnes – Line (yarn), a 3.0 mm and a 2,5 mm hook, and 6 mm safety eyes.


ch = chain

mc = magic circle

sc = stitch

inc = increase, make two stitches in one stitch

dec = decrease, make two stitches into one stitch

fo = finish off

The magic circle, a quick how to:

Hold the end of the yarn and wrap it around your finger twice. The end should be at your right. Put your hook under the first thread and over the second; hook yarn and pull through to make a loop. Yarn over and pull through the loop, pull lightly to secure. Crochet the given stitches, then gently slide the end of the yarn (from the beginning) out of the circle and pull to tighten! 

Body and head (orange, hook 3.0):

1. 6 sc in a mc (6)

2. inc, repeat around (12)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (18)

4. 2 sc, inc, repeat around (24)

5. 3 sc, inc, repeat around (30)

6-10. sc, repeat around (30)

11. 3 sc, dec, repeat around (24)

12. sc, repeat around (24)

13. 2 sc, dec, repeat around (18)

14-18. sc, repeat around (18)

Start to fill the body and place the eyes between row 15-16 with about 5 sc spacing.

19. sc, dec, repeat around (12)

Fill the body completely, it’s gonna be tight here on out!

20. dec, repeat around (6)

21. close with some stitches and fo

 Snout (orange, hook 2,5)

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. sc, inc, repeat around (6)

3. 2 sc, inc, repeat around (8)

4. sc, repeat around (8)

5. fo

Nose (black):

1. Take some thread (approximately 30 cm), fold over twice and tie a double knot.

2. With a needle: pull yarn through the snout and tie off inside.

If the end threads are a bit too clumpy for your needle; cut them open and thread on thereafter.

Sew on the snout between the eyes on the body.

 Tummy patch (white, hook 2.5):

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. inc, repeat around (8)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (12)

4. 2 sc, inc, inc, 4 sc, inc, inc, 2 sc, repeat around (16)

5. fo

Sew onto the body.

Ears, make two (orange and black, hook 3.0):

After every round: make a turning chain. This doesn’t count as a stitch. Turn!

1. ch 2 (2)

2. inc, repeat around (4)

3. inc, sc, sc, inc (6)

4. sc, repeat around (6)

5. dec, 2 sc, dec (4)

6. dec, dec (2)

7. attach the black yarn with a standing sc, followed by a sc. (2)

8. dec (1)

9. fo, use the thread to shape the tip off the ear.

 Inner ear, make two (white, hook 2.5):

1. ch 3 (3)

2. Start in the second sc from the hook: inc, inc, 5 sc in the same stitch, which makes you turn around the corner (9)

3. sc, sc (2)

4. At the top: do a picot. Ch 1 and slip stitch through the stitch below (2)

5. Sc down the side to the bottom (approximately 3-4 sc)

6. fo, and sew on the orange ears

7. Attach the finished ears on the head, a proximally 2 sc from the middle on each side.

Tail (white and orange, hook 2.5):

Start with white!

1. 4 sc in a mc (4)

2. sc, repeat around (4)

3. sc, inc, repeat around (6)

4. 6 sc, repeat around (6)

Change to orange!

5. sc, inc, inc, repeat around (10)

6. sc, inc, inc, repeat three times, finish with sc (16)

7. sc, repeat around (16)

8. sc, repeat around (16)

9. sc, dec, repeat five times, finish with sc (11)

10. sc, dec, repeat three times, finish with sc (8)

11. sc, dec, sc, sc, dec, sc (6)

12. sc, repeat around (6)

13. fo and sew on the body in the middle, about rows 7-9.

Done! I hope you enjoyed making your little fox. 😄

This pattern is for personal use only. You are not allowed to publish or sell any part of this pattern. You may sell the foxes you make from this pattern on a small scale, but please give credits and link back to me. 😘

The cutest little bunny

I’ve been working on this little project on and off for some time now, and as Easter came up closer it felt like it was the perfect time to finish this lovely lady. She was so much fun to do and turned out super cute. 

The pattern is by the talented Kikalite and is easy to follow with great pics and clear instructions. I made a change by choosing to add a removable floral wreath instead of sewing the flowers right on. This way she can have more options for my daughter to play with. And needless to say; she loved her Easter gift! 

Easter crocheted DIY:s

Easter is here, time really flies! I’ve listed some quick, free and fun little projects if you feel like doing some crocheting between the egg hunts and food feasts. 

Small bunnies and eggs that’s super cute and quick. 

Or how about these gorgeous wind flower decoration?! They are quite addictive so I have several more in different pastels. So so cute!

Or a small crocheted egg that you embroider something cute on? 

If you have a little more time you could easily wip up a few egg warmers. This one I made free handed so I don’t have a pattern but there are plenty of patterns to find on google or Pinterest. 

Happy Easter! 

The Floral Auroral Wall Hanging

I do love the idea of a wall hanging in our living room but I haven’t found a design I loved so I decided to try to make one myself.  And here you have it! Meet my latest love: the Floral Auroral wall hanging.

Floral Auroral

It’s still in the making but the main piece is done. I could keep on adding flowers forever but I think a smaller version is the best way to start. I can always make another.. That’s if I was writing the pattern down. I actually started writing and then I got swept away by the creative flow and forgot all about the pencil. But I will try to back track myself. Are you interested in me making a pattern for this?

I used the gorgeous yarn Catona from Scheepjes in the colors Baby Blue (509) and Shadow Purple (394). There may be more colors added but I haven’t decided yet on whether or not it should have tassels or raindrops falling down from under the “cloud”. Any suggestions?