Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend with lots of good food, candy and loved ones around you. This actually describes our latest three days. Intense but amazing and filled with hugs and precious moments. 

On Friday we went to my father and celebrated with his part of my family. A lot of salmon, shrimps, eggs and herrings. And my sisters amazing cheesecake. Yum! 

Yesterday it was time for egg hunt and another food frenzy but this time at my mother in law and on the theme lamb. Lots of fun, laughter and good talks. I also finished crocheting my daughters Easter bunny that you can read about here. Was an adorable project to work on and I’m so happy that she loved her gift. 

And lastly, today we are visiting my mothers. And again we got a lot of good food: herrings, chicken and local eggs from the hens next door. But however gorgeous the tiny eggs are; the best was saved to last. My brother brought then different kinds of desserts from his work and needless to say; we are stuffed. Finished another pair of my beloved wrist warmers but now I’ll give my hooks a break. It’s time to get serious and play some games. 

Wish you a great evening, tomorrow it’s “Sunday” again. 😄

The cutest little bunny

I’ve been working on this little project on and off for some time now, and as Easter came up closer it felt like it was the perfect time to finish this lovely lady. She was so much fun to do and turned out super cute. 

The pattern is by the talented Kikalite and is easy to follow with great pics and clear instructions. I made a change by choosing to add a removable floral wreath instead of sewing the flowers right on. This way she can have more options for my daughter to play with. And needless to say; she loved her Easter gift! 

Easter crocheted DIY:s

Easter is here, time really flies! I’ve listed some quick, free and fun little projects if you feel like doing some crocheting between the egg hunts and food feasts. 

Small bunnies and eggs that’s super cute and quick. 

Or how about these gorgeous wind flower decoration?! They are quite addictive so I have several more in different pastels. So so cute!

Or a small crocheted egg that you embroider something cute on? 

If you have a little more time you could easily wip up a few egg warmers. This one I made free handed so I don’t have a pattern but there are plenty of patterns to find on google or Pinterest. 

Happy Easter! 

New yarn in – Sandnes Fritidsgarn

För svenska – Klicka här! 

Yesterday, I just happened to drop by our local yarn store. It’s a very small store packed with yarn from floor to roof and has the most friendliest of owner who always has something nice to say and a new yarn to show. And as always I didn’t come out empty handed. Six new colors are now added to my stash. I’m so so happy. It’s simply perfect.

As I do have quite a lot of larger projects going at the moment; I wanted something that is made fairly quick and effortless. Something that was in the line with spring and Easter. I’m thinking eggs, flowers, colors and nature. So I asked the shop owner and she immediately new what I needed (I love those kind of people, hihi)! And there it was: Sandnes Fritidsgarn. A thick and sturdy Norwegian yarn made out of 100% wool in gorgeous matte shades.We will have so much fun together!

My stasch

Easter in a month


From one day to another the weather has changed completely again. The sun is shining brightly, the ocean glimmers like its made of thousands and thousands of little diamonds and the birds sings like there is no tomorrow. And on top of that my husband just started to move the carpets out and began to clean. So when I read that Easter is but a month away I wasn’t that surprised. February usually flies by, and Mars.. ..will be Mars. It will probably start snowing again tomorrow!

In the spirit of my husbands spring cleaning I dusted off my precious catch that I did last year on a local buy and sell page, a “typografkast”. Have absolutely no idea whats it called in English? Letterpress drawer? Typographers used it to store their letters/signs blocks used for printing books, magazines, papers and such. I wish I had the blocks but unfortunately she didn’t have any. I’ll keep looking.


Usually it just hangs as it is, bringing some depth to the room and balancing out our curtain-less windows, but once in a while it will get some decorations just for spicing things up a bit. And who doesn’t like to play dress-up?

Flowered eggs
A lazy Daisy and a free stitched Daffodil.
Pretty bird
A tiny little porcelain bird I bought for the Christmas table, works all year around.
Island egg
Travel-treasure: an handmade egg from Island painted with gorgeous blues and whites.
Evas Ägg
I saved the best of gifts to last: eggs from our neighbor next door.