New free floral patterns and the #365daysofcrochetflowers initiative

The L.A. Sunflower - mood pic

Good evening,

Hope you are doing well and have cozied up in the sofa with some lovely yarn. I’ve been having such a crojo lately and I’m so thrilled about it. And so I wish to share two new designs of mine: The Loopy Little Flower and The L.A. Sunshine.

The Loopy Little Flower was my first contribution to the lovely Instagram initiative #365daysofcrochetflowers by Emily from @theloopystitch and her new gathering account; @thecrochethookup. In short it’s about making a different flower for each and every day. Please place her a little visit and check out so many more lovely (and free!) flower patterns.

With it being simply 3 little lovely rounds it makes for a quick and fun introduction on how to create 3D flowers.

The Loopy Little Flower – Therese Eghult – Crochetedbytess

The Loopy Little Flower - Mood

The L.A. Sunflower was my second contribution and this one is a bit trickier than my first but it’s well worth the effort. And a little spoiler: It will be turned into a bag (yes you read write), and I’m working on the pattern as we speak.


The L.A. Sunflower – Therese Eghult – Crochetedbytess

The L.A. Sunflower

Both patterns are written in US terms but I’ve also included UK and SW-terms in the abbreviations.

You may also find them on my Ravelry  page if you wish to bookmark them and save for later.

I hope you’ll have fun.



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