There is a kit giveaway happening….

..over at my Instagram.

To celebrate the little tinies in our lifes I wish to giveaway a kit with all the goodies you’ll need to make a little darling LoLo Loop Wooden Baby Teether of your own.

The kit contains all you need to make a mini sized LoLo Loop:

🌼 A pdf pattern.
🌼 A handmade little project bag (made by me).
🌼 A 4 mm wooden teether ring.
🌼 A 5 mm bamboo hook.
🌼 5 meters of yarn, you’ll get to chose from the three colors shown below of Wool And The Gang – Shiny Happy Cotton or We Are Knitters – The Cotton.

🌼 And some other secret goodies of my choice.

This giveaway is open 🌎-wide and ends now on Saturday, the 26/5, at 21:00 (CET).
Best of luck and all my love! 💕j

This giveaway is all mine, and is not sponsored in anyway.


The LoLo Loop Baby Teether

First off; thank you so much for all your encouraging words on our premiere episode of Sip Stitch. We had such a blast even though it started of totally crazy with me being totally side shown, some malfunctions and then the already epic imaginary hostage taking by @crochetingkay (!!!). We shared so many laughs, yarn talks and lots and lots of tea. Can’t wait for our next one.

Oh and if you missed it; you can very soon catch it on our YouTube-channel. I’ll post the link when it’s all up and in place.

But on toward todays sweet little upcoming pattern.

While I was sitting oh so comfortable in my chair working on yet another square (yes I’m totally hooked), my husband walks by carrying little baby Lo who in his turn is carrying his beloved wooden teether. He sees me and lights up with the biggest of smiles and….

..drops it hard on the floor. As it is one inherited from little E; it has for sure seen better days and must’ve dried up completely cause it snaps in two pieces and the four rings that was placed on it scatters all over the place. Such a mess.

So any non crafting person might probably just have tossed the old thing, but as for me I saw the opportunity to make new little teethers out of the four rings. And after falling madly in love with them myself I ran out to the studio to get a bigger sized as well and did a “winged” version too. Don’t know which size I like the best but Lo loves them all and that’s all that matters. He’s such a little crochet and yarn lover. The sweetest ever!

But yeah, that’s the background on how the LoLo Loop was born. It’s such a quick little make so I’ve already written up the pattern and sent it to my amazing testers! And one of them has already finished. That’s how quick it is.

And I can proudly say that I’ve made my first diagram/chart with Crochetcharts. It was a bit tricky but with a little practice it might just be my new best friend. Only time will tell.

So stay tuned cause the LoLo Loop Baby Teether is coming real soon.

✨💕☀️ Wish you a lovely weekend and lots of sun. ✨💕☀️


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Sip Stitch – Live on Thursday 17/5 at 11am CET

Tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of May at 11am CET it’s time for Episode 1 of Sip Stitch – a live Instagram broadcast with me and CrochetingKay. 🎉

Sip Stitch will be a weekly chat between us about everything from yarn and tea to motherhood and girl bosses! In the first episode we will talk about Sip Stitch; about how we met and became friends and probably about tea. However, as it is live anything can happen! 🙊🙈🙉

Don’t miss out on the fun: make yourself a ☕️ and come join us! Oh and if there’s something specific you wanna hear us talk about let us know. We have so many fun topics planned here on forward.

And we do save the lives so don’t you worry. If the time doesn’t fit; you can always catch it later. No stress, just fun. 💕

Hope we’ll see you over at Instagram.

New free floral patterns and the #365daysofcrochetflowers initiative

The L.A. Sunflower - mood pic

Good evening,

Hope you are doing well and have cozied up in the sofa with some lovely yarn. I’ve been having such a crojo lately and I’m so thrilled about it. And so I wish to share two new designs of mine: The Loopy Little Flower and The L.A. Sunshine.

The Loopy Little Flower was my first contribution to the lovely Instagram initiative #365daysofcrochetflowers by Emily from @theloopystitch and her new gathering account; @thecrochethookup. In short it’s about making a different flower for each and every day. Please place her a little visit and check out so many more lovely (and free!) flower patterns.

With it being simply 3 little lovely rounds it makes for a quick and fun introduction on how to create 3D flowers.

The Loopy Little Flower – Therese Eghult – Crochetedbytess

The Loopy Little Flower - Mood

The L.A. Sunflower was my second contribution and this one is a bit trickier than my first but it’s well worth the effort. And a little spoiler: It will be turned into a bag (yes you read write), and I’m working on the pattern as we speak.


The L.A. Sunflower – Therese Eghult – Crochetedbytess

The L.A. Sunflower

Both patterns are written in US terms but I’ve also included UK and SW-terms in the abbreviations.

You may also find them on my Ravelry  page if you wish to bookmark them and save for later.

I hope you’ll have fun.


The ELo Star CAL


This is the written pattern for the overlay mini mystery CAL I hosted on my Instagram between the 19-21/3, 2018, named after my two brightest little stars; Evy and Lo.

With this CAL I aimed to make overlay crochet a little bit more approachable (not as scary) in hopes that more would like to try this amazing technique.

So for three days in March hooks were on fire and it all ended up to being Sea Star Coasters. This pattern can of course be used for so many other things. Joined together you can make buntings, pillows, a baby blanket perhaps? A little wall hanging? Only your imagination sets the limits. And the amount of yarn you have…

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced crocheter; I hope you’ll like it and have a good time.



Lots of love,

ELO star - Tiny Tie Knots