When you finish a project..

..that turned out even better than you imagined!

I’m so over the moon, I finally found the lost fishing line and was able to finish my bloom balloon. And yes, it’s in desperate need of a better name, any suggestions? ☺️ Should I perhaps try to work out a pattern for this cutie?


When you get an idea.. 

..and just have to wing it to make it work. 

This was my morning today. As I woke up the sky was grey and the rain was falling down. A perfect day for some fall inspired crochet you might think. But no, I totally got a picture stuck in my head of a flower-balloon-with-a-basket-kind of thing. Lol! Have no idea where it came from or how it will eventually end up. 

Started with the flower and now I’ll try to make it up as I go, a top down approach. Exiting? Or just crazy.. We’ll see! 😅

Yarn: Scheepjes Catona.

Crochet hook: Clover amour 3,5 mm.

Flower pattern: Make my day creative.

Leaf pattern: My own improvisation.