The Floral Auroral Wall Hanging

I do love the idea of a wall hanging in our living room but I haven’t found a design I loved so I decided to try to make one myself.  And here you have it! Meet my latest love: the Floral Auroral wall hanging.

Floral Auroral

It’s still in the making but the main piece is done. I could keep on adding flowers forever but I think a smaller version is the best way to start. I can always make another.. That’s if I was writing the pattern down. I actually started writing and then I got swept away by the creative flow and forgot all about the pencil. But I will try to back track myself. Are you interested in me making a pattern for this?

I used the gorgeous yarn Catona from Scheepjes in the colors Baby Blue (509) and Shadow Purple (394). There may be more colors added but I haven’t decided yet on whether or not it should have tassels or raindrops falling down from under the “cloud”. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “The Floral Auroral Wall Hanging

  1. What a fantastic idea! I know what you mean about getting caught up in the creating – I always have good intentions of writing down what I’m doing but then I forget and when the project is done, I’m already on to my next project! This wall hanging is just lovely! 😀

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