The South Bay Shawlette

A couple of days ago I stumbled on this amazing alpaca silk yarn from Drops that I just had to buy. It’s truly as soft and fluffy as it looks and you can find my review of it here

It’s pale blue shades gave me the idea of a spring shawl that was light, warm and quickly made. After a little search I found the South Bay Shawlette pattern and fell instantly in love. It’s stunning, free and also kind of perfect for this type of yarn. 

The pattern consists of eight rows whereas the last two repeats over and over again until the end. So it’s quite straight forward and very meditative. 

At this point I have finished 18 rows, and has about ten left according to the pattern. At this stage it measures 60cm x 28cm and I have used 3/5 of my first ball of yarn. When finished it’s supposed to be approximately 117cm x 54cm. As I was lazy and didn’t do the gauge-square; I’m not sure how big mine will turn out to be. I’ll just keep adding rows until I’m happy about it as I want it to be more like a small blanket to cozy up in those late summer evenings. 

To be continued. 


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