CAL:s 2017

I have found that I’m kind of addicted to CAL:s these days. CAL stands for Crochet A Long and it’s just what it sounds like. You crochet a specific pattern that are sometimes a mystery (as in you have no idea of the end result) or after an open pic on the finished product. You do this together with others for a specific period of time. Everyone is doing their own piece but follows the same pattern. The parts are released accordingly to a preset schedule, usually once a week. Some are quick and small, and some takes weeks or months to finish. The patterns is free and connected retailers sell “ready to go”-yarn packages, or you can choose to put together one of your own choice with new yarn or from your stash at home.

Doing a CAL is a good way to learn something new and develop your skills as a crocheter. The patterns often has really good step by step-pictures, videos and not to mention a super helpful gang of people to ask when you are stuck or unsure, including the designer.

It’s so much fun trying out  new patterns, big and small, together with others. Sharing the joy, the learning process and all the creativity! People from all over the world coming together and creating together. Some follow the pattern (like me) and some does it the free styling-way. It’s like a big party that goes on for several weeks and everybody is invited resulting in a great mix of beginners and more experienced crocheters.

My list so far:

I would have loved to do Scheepjes and Esters “Nuts about squares” that starts at the end of the month but I don’t think I’ll have the time. So for now it’s a pass but you never know, hihi.

Photo: Hans Mossel
Pic from the deisgner: It’s all in a nutshell 
Another CAL coming up soon is by Camilla and Diana with pattern from the lovely Virklust. Be shore to check that out, it’s gonna be magical! Don’t know the time for it just yet but they will announce it shortly.

Favoritgarner are releasing their next one shortly. Its still a mystery as they haven’t announced the time nor the designer yet. I heard that the later will be released in their Facebook-group this weekend! Can’t wait.

Do you know any more CAL:s that I need to check out, please let me know!


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