Lazy Sunday mornings 

My husband thinks I might be the most morning tiered person on earth. I won’t argue about that. I know myself to be an evening-kind-of-girl and mornings are indeed my kryptonite. I just have to take it very slow, giving myself time to wake up thinking about what I dreamt about and what’s up next. Which is usually breakfast. And surprise surprise: I’m not a breakfast-kind-of-person either, haha. I could easily be happy with a cup of tea and then I’m out the door. 

But thankfully I have my wonderful other half who makes me a sandwich in the morning and hands it to me all wrapped up ready to be eaten on the ferry. He is too kind in that way. 

So you will very rarely see any big weekend breakfasts here on the blog, if any. Here is mine mini-edition for today: tea, some seasalt and an egg from the chickens next door. And yes I might even finish with a candy. Have a great sunny Sunday! 


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