Easter in a month


From one day to another the weather has changed completely again. The sun is shining brightly, the ocean glimmers like its made of thousands and thousands of little diamonds and the birds sings like there is no tomorrow. And on top of that my husband just started to move the carpets out and began to clean. So when I read that Easter is but a month away I wasn’t that surprised. February usually flies by, and Mars.. ..will be Mars. It will probably start snowing again tomorrow!

In the spirit of my husbands spring cleaning I dusted off my precious catch that I did last year on a local buy and sell page, a “typografkast”. Have absolutely no idea whats it called in English? Letterpress drawer? Typographers used it to store their letters/signs blocks used for printing books, magazines, papers and such. I wish I had the blocks but unfortunately she didn’t have any. I’ll keep looking.


Usually it just hangs as it is, bringing some depth to the room and balancing out our curtain-less windows, but once in a while it will get some decorations just for spicing things up a bit. And who doesn’t like to play dress-up?

Flowered eggs
A lazy Daisy and a free stitched Daffodil.
Pretty bird
A tiny little porcelain bird I bought for the Christmas table, works all year around.
Island egg
Travel-treasure: an handmade egg from Island painted with gorgeous blues and whites.
Evas Ägg
I saved the best of gifts to last: eggs from our neighbor next door.


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