A little fish

So it’s my nieces 7th birthday today and she is getting an aquarium. I’m so exited for her! 

When I was little; me and my brother really wanted a dog. After a long long wait, that feels like forever for a 9 year old, mom and dad finally decided that we should get one! Well the story of how we didn’t get a dog started here: a week before we would visit one we visited my aunt and her stable. Unfortunately I was sneezing and tearing up constantly so off to the doctor we went and there I had it: black on white, I’m allergic. So the plans were off and instead I got a aquarium. Well you might think that it’s pretty sad but I really loved my fishes. Especially Allan the algae eater. I actually ended up having an Allan 2, 3 and 4 as well, haha. So when I heard that my niece also wanted one I was all swept away in childhood memories and started googling all kinds of fishes. Unfortunately her fishes don’t arrive until tomorrow so I made this little fellow to keep her company until then. 

Happy birthday cutie K, we love you so much! 🎈


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