The South Bay Shawlette

A couple of days ago I stumbled on this amazing alpaca silk yarn from Drops that I just had to buy. It’s truly as soft and fluffy as it looks and you can find my review of it here

It’s pale blue shades gave me the idea of a spring shawl that was light, warm and quickly made. After a little search I found the South Bay Shawlette pattern and fell instantly in love. It’s stunning, free and also kind of perfect for this type of yarn. 

The pattern consists of eight rows whereas the last two repeats over and over again until the end. So it’s quite straight forward and very meditative. 

At this point I have finished 18 rows, and has about ten left according to the pattern. At this stage it measures 60cm x 28cm and I have used 3/5 of my first ball of yarn. When finished it’s supposed to be approximately 117cm x 54cm. As I was lazy and didn’t do the gauge-square; I’m not sure how big mine will turn out to be. I’ll just keep adding rows until I’m happy about it as I want it to be more like a small blanket to cozy up in those late summer evenings. 

To be continued. 


A Soft Saturday 

Today the sun is shining, the birds sings and we are off to celebrate three women in our family with some brunch and lots of hugs. Have a lovely day! 

Morning chill with soft shades

Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk – A yarn review

The other day when I visited our local yarn shop I found this little balls of soft fluffy loveliness. I fell in love right there and then. With no plans or ideas of what to make with it I wen’t on my instinct and bought a few just because. And I’m so happy that I did.

According to the label it’s a luxurious blend of brushed alpaca and Mulberry silk. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s feather light, airy without being to sheer, and has a great warmth to it. It definitely feels like a silky shining cloud.

The yarn runs trough my fingers with an ease and works up rather quickly with the use of my 5,0 mm hook. As I’m usually working with both a thicker and heavier yarn this is a great break for sore wrists. I strongly believe in mixing yarn weights and projects to not get that ache that comes with working to much and to long on the same piece. Switching things up is a great option for us who doesn’t take a crochet-break willingly.

I started working on the gorgeous South Bay Shawlette and the yarn works perfectly for this kind of pattern. I will show you the progress and end-result later on.

In conclusion: it’s an amazing yarn for both touch and sight, you have to try it!

Closeup - South Bay Shawlette

Fast facts

Yarn: Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk

Manufacturer: Drops

Yarn group: C (16 – 19 stitches)

Fiber content: 77% Alpaca, 23% Silk

Country of origin: Peru

Needle/Hook: 5 mm (US 8/H-8)

Gauge: 10×10 cm (4″x4″) = 17 sts x 24 rows

Weight: 25 g (0,9 oz) ≈ 140 m (153 yds)

Wash: Hand wash in max 30 degrees, dry flat.

Can be used on Drops patterns for: Alaska, Alpaca Bouclé, Big Delight, Big Fabel, Big Merino, Bomull-Lin, Nepal, Paris and Vivaldi.


And the winner is…

…@Virklust!! 🎉 Congratulations! 🌸🍃

Please send me your info; and a pair of lovely lavender wrist warmers will arrive in your mailbox shortly! 💕

And to all of you who didn’t win; you can find the pattern here on my blog if you want to make a pair of your own. Thank you so much for participating. 🌺

CAL:s 2017

I have found that I’m kind of addicted to CAL:s these days. CAL stands for Crochet A Long and it’s just what it sounds like. You crochet a specific pattern that are sometimes a mystery (as in you have no idea of the end result) or after an open pic on the finished product. You do this together with others for a specific period of time. Everyone is doing their own piece but follows the same pattern. The parts are released accordingly to a preset schedule, usually once a week. Some are quick and small, and some takes weeks or months to finish. The patterns is free and connected retailers sell “ready to go”-yarn packages, or you can choose to put together one of your own choice with new yarn or from your stash at home.

Doing a CAL is a good way to learn something new and develop your skills as a crocheter. The patterns often has really good step by step-pictures, videos and not to mention a super helpful gang of people to ask when you are stuck or unsure, including the designer.

It’s so much fun trying out  new patterns, big and small, together with others. Sharing the joy, the learning process and all the creativity! People from all over the world coming together and creating together. Some follow the pattern (like me) and some does it the free styling-way. It’s like a big party that goes on for several weeks and everybody is invited resulting in a great mix of beginners and more experienced crocheters.

My list so far:

I would have loved to do Scheepjes and Esters “Nuts about squares” that starts at the end of the month but I don’t think I’ll have the time. So for now it’s a pass but you never know, hihi.

Photo: Hans Mossel
Pic from the deisgner: It’s all in a nutshell 
Another CAL coming up soon is by Camilla and Diana with pattern from the lovely Virklust. Be shore to check that out, it’s gonna be magical! Don’t know the time for it just yet but they will announce it shortly.

Favoritgarner are releasing their next one shortly. Its still a mystery as they haven’t announced the time nor the designer yet. I heard that the later will be released in their Facebook-group this weekend! Can’t wait.

Do you know any more CAL:s that I need to check out, please let me know!

Lazy Sunday mornings 

My husband thinks I might be the most morning tiered person on earth. I won’t argue about that. I know myself to be an evening-kind-of-girl and mornings are indeed my kryptonite. I just have to take it very slow, giving myself time to wake up thinking about what I dreamt about and what’s up next. Which is usually breakfast. And surprise surprise: I’m not a breakfast-kind-of-person either, haha. I could easily be happy with a cup of tea and then I’m out the door. 

But thankfully I have my wonderful other half who makes me a sandwich in the morning and hands it to me all wrapped up ready to be eaten on the ferry. He is too kind in that way. 

So you will very rarely see any big weekend breakfasts here on the blog, if any. Here is mine mini-edition for today: tea, some seasalt and an egg from the chickens next door. And yes I might even finish with a candy. Have a great sunny Sunday! 

Easter in a month


From one day to another the weather has changed completely again. The sun is shining brightly, the ocean glimmers like its made of thousands and thousands of little diamonds and the birds sings like there is no tomorrow. And on top of that my husband just started to move the carpets out and began to clean. So when I read that Easter is but a month away I wasn’t that surprised. February usually flies by, and Mars.. ..will be Mars. It will probably start snowing again tomorrow!

In the spirit of my husbands spring cleaning I dusted off my precious catch that I did last year on a local buy and sell page, a “typografkast”. Have absolutely no idea whats it called in English? Letterpress drawer? Typographers used it to store their letters/signs blocks used for printing books, magazines, papers and such. I wish I had the blocks but unfortunately she didn’t have any. I’ll keep looking.


Usually it just hangs as it is, bringing some depth to the room and balancing out our curtain-less windows, but once in a while it will get some decorations just for spicing things up a bit. And who doesn’t like to play dress-up?

Flowered eggs
A lazy Daisy and a free stitched Daffodil.
Pretty bird
A tiny little porcelain bird I bought for the Christmas table, works all year around.
Island egg
Travel-treasure: an handmade egg from Island painted with gorgeous blues and whites.
Evas Ägg
I saved the best of gifts to last: eggs from our neighbor next door.

Giveaway – Wrist warmers

Two pairs

Not only is it Friday but it’s also time for a giveaway, and it’s open worldwide! 

Due to the fact that the warm weather seems to have gone away on a long vacation; leaving me with snow and cold temperatures, it only seems fit to surrender and cozy up in a pair of my shell stitched wrist warmers. They are super soft and itch-free, made in extra fine merino wool from free-range animals. Works just as perfect during a walk as while working on a project or two. I use mine everyday and love them.

And as sharing is the best gift so therefore I would like to give a pair to one of you. The winner will get one pair in the color of your own choice: the lush and gorgeous beige, or the sweet and lovely lavender.

To enter

Follow this link to my Instagram and:

  • Follow my account 
  • Like the giveaway-post
  • Tag two friends

For 2 (!) extra entries

On this post here on the blog:

  • Write a comment on which color you would like to win: along with your Instagram alias.

The giveaway ends a week from now on Friday the 17/3 at 21:00.

The lucky winner will be presented here and on my Instagram account Crochetedbytess on Sunday, the 19/3. 

Best of luck and all my love! ❤

This giveaway is not sponsored in anyway, it’s all mine.


A little fish

So it’s my nieces 7th birthday today and she is getting an aquarium. I’m so exited for her! 

When I was little; me and my brother really wanted a dog. After a long long wait, that feels like forever for a 9 year old, mom and dad finally decided that we should get one! Well the story of how we didn’t get a dog started here: a week before we would visit one we visited my aunt and her stable. Unfortunately I was sneezing and tearing up constantly so off to the doctor we went and there I had it: black on white, I’m allergic. So the plans were off and instead I got a aquarium. Well you might think that it’s pretty sad but I really loved my fishes. Especially Allan the algae eater. I actually ended up having an Allan 2, 3 and 4 as well, haha. So when I heard that my niece also wanted one I was all swept away in childhood memories and started googling all kinds of fishes. Unfortunately her fishes don’t arrive until tomorrow so I made this little fellow to keep her company until then. 

Happy birthday cutie K, we love you so much! 🎈

Zpagetti rug

I have always been drawn to the idea of crocheting a rug and so I thought I would give it a go, how hard could it be?

Well my first two tries told me that it was certainly not easy trying to make a flat, welldefined pattern just from scratch. My first attempt resulted in it being way to small and new yarn with the same pattern was no were to be found so that was a dead-end. Before my next go at it I made sure to have enough yarn for the project and everything started off great! I found a doily pattern that I loved, bought a new lightweight hook to spare my poor wrists and well… …no. It didn’t work out at all. The first rounds were fine but then I had to make more and more changes trying to stop it from bending and wobble. So finally I scratched that one as well,  ripped it up once more and started from the beginning, again. This time I did my homework even better and found a pattern that actually was made for this type of fabric. And so far so good. I’ll keep you updated!