Mysotósis palústris: Forget-me-nots

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The tiny and oh so lovely flower Mysotósis palústris (Forget-me-nots) has kind of large petals that most commonly shifts in light blue or white. You can usually find them beside a dirt road or along the beach, and they blossom all summer.  


This was my inspiration while making this decorative little flower that you can use in so many different ways. You can tie it around a vase, or your wrist. By adjusting the string you can add more flowers; larger and smaller. You can make your bag feel a little more ready for spring by attaching a flower or two. Tie it around a flowerpot or maybe around your curtains? Or simply skip the ribbon and attach it to a hairpiece. Feel free to be creative and play around. 


Yarn: Scheepjes maxi bonbon (509 baby blue, 505 linnen, 776 antique rose)

Hook: Clover amour 2,5 mm (4/0)


sl st = slip stitch

ch = chain

ch sp = chain space

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

mc = magic circle

sk = skip stitch 

( ) = crochet all in the same stitch

* * = repeat 

How to make a magic circle

Hold the end of the yarn and wrap it around your finger twice. The end should be at your right. Put your hook under the first thread and over the second; hook yarn and pull through to make a loop. Yarn over and pull trough the loop, pull lightly to secure. Crochet the given stitches, then gently slide the end of the yarn (from the beginning) out of the circle and pull to tighten!


Ch 50, you can chain more or less depending on how long you wishes it to be.Pull slightly in both ends and tie small knots near the two ends to secure. Cut the treads near the knots.


If you want it to be wider you simply add rows of sc:s. However, don’t forget to add an extra ch (turning chain) to keep your ribbon straight.


Row 1 (color 1)

Make a mc.

ch1, hdc6 into the mc, tighten and close with a sl st in the first hdc.


Row 2 (color 1)

(ch2, dc), ch1, *dc2, ch1*. close with a ch1 in the second chain from the beginning of the row. You should now have 6 sets of 2dc:s each.


Cut the yarn, but save a long thread to fasten the flower to the ribbon with later on. 

Row 3 (color 2) Work around given stitch

Attach the new color with a sl st around any ch sp.

(sc, ch4, sc): *sc, (in the ch sp: sc, ch4, sc)*, sc round the ch sp and finish with a sl st in the first sc from the beginning of the row.


Row 4 (color 2)

(sl st in ch sp, ch1, dc8), ch1, sk, hdc1 (it should be placed in the middle stitch between the ch sp), ch1, *dc8 st in ch sp, ch1, sk, hdc, sk, ch1*. Finish with a ch1 in the first ch from the beginning of the row. 

The flower will start bending a little but that is just as it should. 

Cut the yarn and fasten off the threads.


Place the long thread (from row 2) to the backside of the flower close to the other one.

Place the ribbon on the flower, both with their backs facing you. With a needle, pull them trough a stitch in the middle of the ribbon and tie two knots. Fasten the threads and cut the yarn.

And then you’re all done, enjoy!



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