Things to do with scrap yarn 

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So you have finished your latest project, cutting the yarn and sew in the ends. Great job! But what about those poor strings of left over yarn; do you simply toss them?

Please don’t! There are so many things you can use them for. The really small ones I simply use as stuffing, and with the medium long I embroider features on dolls or stuffed animals. A little pink thread can easily work as a nose, some black works great as lashes or eyes.


Another fun idea is to cross stitch on your crocheted pieces that really makes them pop, like this blue heart on Robin the Bear. If you don’t want to come up with something from scratch Pinterest is the place to go. A treasure chest filled with patterns and inspiration.


And lastly we get to the longer pieces of yarn. They are by far the most grateful to use. Embroider thank you-cards on paper, do a color chart for coming projects or use for some smaller ones such as these super cute, quick and tiny Easter decorations.

Only your imagination sets the limits to the usage of scrap yarn. And yes I know it sounds corny but its still true so please don’t toss perfectly good yarn right away. Give it a chance to a second purpose. Great for the environment, and at the same time for your wallet so you will have more money for things such as new yarn. 😉


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