Fingerless mittens in shellstitch – The market mittens

I found this pattern written down and are therefore not sure where its from originally. I have made a few changes and adjustments, but I haven’t produced it all by myself. Just to be clear and correct. 🙂
The mittens are inspired by the beach during winter. Snow, ice and sand, frozen seaweeds and tiny shells gathered on the shore. The ocean shimmer crystal-clear and brings either absolute stillness or storm. Those magnificent contrasts.
Sandnes mini alpakka.
Cloveramour 3 mm (5/0).
Slst = slip stitch
Ch = chain
Ch sp = chain space
Sc = singel crochet
Dc = double crochet
Sk = skip stitch
Blo = back loops only
( ) = crochet all stitches in the same stitch
* * = repeat all stitches within * *
Row 1 
Sc in the second stitch from the needle: *sc*: ch1, turn.
Row 2-32, blo! 
*Sc*: ch1: turn. Repeat for all 32 rows. Simple as that.

Measure your cuff against your wrist. If it feels too small; increase by adding 4 more rows. And the opposite if it feels to big; decrease by four rows. It gives a very good stretch so check twice before you decides to move on and finish it off.

After deciding on the right size; put the short sides against each other (the first row against the last) and crochet them together with slst:es, stitch against stitch. Cut the yarn and fasten off.

The pattern piece

Turn the cuff inside out, leaving the slst:row inside.

With the broadside against you; join the yarn with a slst in the first dc off the cuffs first row (next to the first rib edge).
Row 1
(Ch3: dc: ch1: dc): *sk: dc: sk: (dc2: ch1: dc2): sk: dc*.Finish the row with a slst in the top of the third chain from the beginning.
Row 2-11
Slst in the next dc and into the first ch sp: (in the same ch sp: ch3: dc: ch1: dc2): *sk: dc: sk: (dc2: ch1: dc2): sk: dc*. Finish the row with a slst in the third chain from the beginning. Repeat for all rounds.
The dc:s and shells (dc2: ch1: dc2) shall mirror each other from the previous rows. The will end up upon each other: dc upon dc, shell upon shell. Airy and repetition is the keywords. 
Cut the yarn, fasten off and enjoy your fingerless mittens.

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