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In my very first post I thought it could be nice to share which projects I have going on right now. My creativeness is driven by emotions and inspiration so I have approximately seven to ten projects up and going at the same time. And even though I’m blessed with a studio of my own the projects seems to prefer being on the kitchen table, by the bed, in the sofa and so on. I call it a creative mess! However, my amazing husband would absolutely disagree if he reads this though.

Back to topic. I just started this project last night with the gorgeous yarn: Stardust from Scheepjes. It’s super light, fluffy and has the most amazing shimmer to it that made me think of a summer shawl, or a light spring hat, but I went for the first. After a little (read a lot of) googling I settled on this just as gorgeous pattern by the oh so talented Fingerscroched. It’s a perfect match if I may say so myself.


The second is the CAL by Scheppjes called Hygge. A wonderful scarf as well that will test my abilities to embroider; which feels absolutely fantastic and super scary at the same time.


Then I’m working on a few projects that I never seems to finish even though I try: the cutest little bunny ballerina for my daughter (Kikalite) and the amazing CAL In bloom by Favoritgarner.se with pattern by Mijocrochet. I have also taken upon myself to try to do a twist and only follow the first two parts of the In bloom and combine with my own pattern to create.. ..well you will see later on.

Of course I also does a lot of cute little teddy bears; with and without scarfs but always with a lot of heart; a mustard bubble-stitched hat, cause I can never resist that color; and lastly my wrist warmers in the softest alpaca wool and gorgeous Nordic colors.

And there you have them. My eight on going projects.

I hope you find some inspiration, joy and creativity. And that I figure out how this blog-thing works. I’m creative but not so technical as it seems, yet.

All the best,



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